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HackHeld Vega

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Hackheld is a DIY, open-source, hackable handheld designed to be easy to build and customize. It is based on the ESP8266 Lolin D1 Mini development board and features a 1.3" OLED display, six buttons, and a NeoPixel RGB LED. It runs the Deauther firmware, which allows it to perform various tests against Wi-Fi networks.

While the primary purpose of the HackHeld Vega is to allow anyone to easily and cheaply build their own OLED Deauther, it can also be used as a general-purpose ESP8266 development board with a display. The pinout is printed on the back of the PCB.

I also want to make more handheld hacking tools in the future, so stay tuned! I posted some insights into the design process on my Blog and Instagram 😊.

HackHeld Vega Parts